We Accommodate Both Business and Leisure Travelers with a Home to Renting a High Rise.

Our easy to use HOMES2HiRISES APP will find your destination 24/7.


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All-In-One Self Service, accommodations for your road trip or business convenience. Numerous features help your search functions to filter choices accordingly on your desires. Homes2HiRises gets you to your destination with ease and comfort.


In addition to our strategic locators, our goal is to serve you and your family at times when in need is to travel for leisure or business. See our incredible assorted rentals in real time. Also, you're not stuck with additional costs, just enjoy yourself while feeling secure.

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What's in the APP

Locating your dream stay into your daily lifestyle

Creating an optimized APP with our step by step guide

Instant rental accommodations and availability anytime

Setting up an accurate GPS to your destinations

Monitoring expenses and travel time

BONUS: Annual discounts and co-op rentals

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